Request a Stain Color Catalog

Our furniture is created from genuine Midwestern hardwoods, which create vibrant and beautiful grain patterns in the finished furniture piece. We offer 129 different stain colors and wood combinations, and our catalog shows them all side by side. This allows you to find the best wood and stain match for your home or office.

Additional Details on our Wood Finish

Wood Finish Choices: We also provide more information on how to choose the right wood finish.

Care & Maintenance: For details on care of your new furniture, please see our care and maintenance page.

Custom Hardwood Samples

Distressed Wood Finish: Please see our section on distressed wood finish for details. Distressed samples are quite large, and are individually customized. Distressed wood finish adds 15% to the cost of our furniture.

Exotic Wood Species: We can create a furniture piece from an exotic hardwood species. The ones we have worked with most commonly are Mahogany, Birds Eye Maple (a special cut of hard maple) and Knotty Oak. We can provide a quote in one of these exotic species, but please be aware that they are not always available in large quantities. Birds Eye Maple, in particular, is generally used as an accent.

To Order Custom Wood Samples: Please call us at 888-900-5235 to order custom wood samples. We will ask for a $50 deposit that can be applied towards your order.

Call Us at 888-900-5235 If we can help with any questions. Thanks!