Hardwood Samples for our Wood Furniture

Our samples are hand-made, just like our furniture!: We encourage you to order samples to help select the perfect color for your new furniture, but we do ask you to limit quantities to less than 4 wood samples.

Each wood sample is created from the same genuine hardwood as our furniture. They are hand-sanded and hand-stained, and measure around 3" x 3".

To request wood samples: Click on the checkboxes below, enter your name and address, and then click 'Request Wood Samples' at the bottom of the page.

swiss oak wood sample

Swiss Oak

whitewash oak wood sample

Whitewash Oak

oil and wax oak wood sample

Oil & Wax Oak

natural oak wood sample

Natural Oak

honey oak wood sample

Honey Oak

cinnamon oak wood sample

Cinnamon Oak

medium oak wood sample

Medium Oak

rustic oak wood sample

Rustic Oak

seely oak sample

Seely Oak

comfort oak sample

Comfort Oak

rainy oak wood sample

Rainy Oak

lexington oak wood sample

Lexington Oak

autumn oak wood sample

Autumn Oak

washington oak sample

Washington Oak

mahogany oak wood sample

Mahogany Oak

heritage oak wood sample

Heritage Oak

nebraska oak sample

Nebraska Oak

blackened oak wood sample

Blackened Oak

jacobean oak sample

Jacobean Oak

cappuccino oak wood sample

Cappuccino Oak

hayes oak sample

Hayes Oak

pecan oak wood sample

Pecan Oak

cranberry oak wood sample

Cranberry Oak

michigan oak sample

Michigan Oak

twilight oak wood sample

Twilight Oak

frontier oak wood sample

Frontier Oak

midnight oak wood sample

Midnight Oak

serene maple wood sample

Serene Maple

oil and wax maple wood sample

Oil & Wax Maple

natural maple wood sample

Natural Maple

ginger maple sample

Ginger Maple

classical maple sample

Classical Maple

calhoun maple sample

Calhoun Maple

sugar maple wood sample

Sugar Maple

como maple sample

Como Maple

vermont maple sample

Vermont Maple

itasca maple sample

Itasca Maple

lamar maple sample

Lamar Maple

royal maple wood sample

Royal Maple

weathered maple sample

Weathered Maple

slate maple sample

Slate Maple

colonial maple wood sample

Colonial Maple

acres maple wood sample

Acres Maple

tuscan maple wood sample

Tuscan Maple

iconic maple wood sample

Iconic Maple

espresso maple wood sample

Espresso Maple

bemidji maple

Bemidji Maple

wisconsin maple sample

Wisconsin Maple

rose maple wood sample

Rose Maple

onyx maple wood sample

Onyx Maple

charcoal maple wood sample

Charcoal Maple

sable maple wood sample

Sable Maple

oil and wax hickory wood sample

Oil & Wax Hickory

natural hickory wood sample

Natural Hickory

manor hickory sample

Manor Hickory

tennessee hickory sample

Tennessee Hickory

tudor hickory sample

Tudor Hickory

sunset hickory wood sample

Sunset Hickory

calico hickory wood sample

Calico Hickory

caramel hickory wood sample

Caramel Hickory

stickley hickory sample

Stickley Hickory

galley hickory wood sample

Galley Hickory

dusky hickory wood sample

Dusky Hickory

dark hickory wood sample

Dark Hickory

oil and wax cherry wood sample

Oil & Wax Cherry

natural cherry wood sample

Natural Cherry

vintage cherry wood sample

Vintage Cherry

red cherry wood sample

Red Cherry

virginia cherry sample

Virginia Cherry

puritan cherry sample

Puritan Cherry

spring cherry sample

Spring Cherry

cascadia cherry sample

Cascadia Cherry

sunrise cherry wood sample

Sunrise Cherry

modern cherry wood sample

Modern Cherry

dakota cherry sample

Dakota Cherry

antique cherry wood sample

Antique Cherry

sedona cherry sample

Sedona Cherry

cocoa cherry sample

Cocoa Cherry

peppercorn cherry wood sample

Peppercorn Cherry

wild cherry wood sample

Wild Cherry

roseau cherry wood sample

Roseau Cherry

traditional cherry wood sample

Traditional Cherry

chcolate cherry wood sample

Chocolate Cherry

bing cherry wood sample

Bing Cherry

rich cherry wood sample

Rich Cherry

oil & wax hard maple wood sample

Oil & Wax Hard Maple

natural hard maple wood sample

Natural Hard Maple

master walnut sample

Master Walnut

natural walnut wood sample

Natural Walnut

oil and wax walnut wood sample

Oil & Wax Walnut

winter walnut wood sample

Winter Walnut

provincial walnut wood sample

Provincial Walnut

temperance walnut sample

Temperance Walnut

smoky walnut wood sample

Smoky Walnut

alamo walnut sample

Alamo Walnut

montana walnut sample

Montana Walnut

ruby walnut wood sample

Ruby Walnut

mocha walnut wood sample

Mocha Walnut

columbus walnut wood sample

Columbus Walnut

stormy walnut sample

Stormy Walnut

cloquet sample

Cloquet Walnut

minnesota walnut sample

Minnesota Walnut

jefferson walnut sample

Jefferson Walnut

carolina walnut sample

Carolina Walnut

toltec walnut sample

Toltec Walnut

splendid walnut sample

Splendid Walnut

dodge walnut sample

Dodge Walnut

zenith walnut sample

Zenith Walnut

oil and wax quarter sawn oak wood sample

Oil & Wax Quarter Sawn Oak

natural quarter sawn oak wood sample

Natural Quarter Sawn Oak

honey quarter sawn oak wood sample

Honey Quarter Sawn Oak

cinnamon quarter sawn oak wood sample

Cinnamon Quarter Sawn Oak

medium quarter sawn oak wood sample

Medium Quarter Sawn Oak

rustic quarter sawn oak wood sample

Rustic Quarter Sawn Oak

seely quarter sawn oak sample

Seely Quarter Sawn Oak

lexington quarter sawn oak wood sample

Lexington Quarter Sawn Oak

autumn quarter sawn oak wood sample

Autumn Quarter Sawn Oak

washington quarter sawn oak sample

Washington Quarter Sawn Oak

mahogany quarter sawn oak wood sample

Mahogany Quarter Sawn Oak

heritage quarter sawn oak wood sample

Heritage Quarter Sawn Oak

blackened quarter sawn oak wood sample

Blackened Quarter Sawn Oak

cranberry quarter sawn oak wood sample

Cranberry Quarter Sawn Oak

pecan quarter sawn oak wood sample

Pecan Quarter Sawn Oak

nebraska quarter sawn oak sample

Nebraska Quarter Sawn Oak

jacobean quarter sawn oak sample

Jacobean Quarter Sawn Oak

hayes quarter sawn oak sample

Hayes Quarter Sawn Oak

michigan quarter sawn oak sample

Michigan Quarter Sawn Oak

frontier quarter sawn oak wood sample

Frontier Quarter Sawn Oak

twilight quarter sawn oak wood sample

Twilight Quarter Sawn Oak

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