York Glass Door Bookshelf


York glass door bookshelf created from solid hardwoods.

Handcrafted in the town of Harmony by our team of experienced cabinetmakers.

Hand-made to your specifications in 6-10 weeks, then hand-delivered to your home in 1-3 weeks.

Our glass doors cover the entire front of the bookshelf.

Created with Love and Joy

My idea of a proper dining table starts with a no-compromises slab of solid hardwood, harvested from beautiful hardwood trees grown in my home state of Minnesota.

Our crafters are specialist woodworkers who have been creating dining tables for three generations. They love their work, their skill and dedication shows up in the finished product. They can work magic with hardwood.

And it is a kind of magic, when you see the finished product first-hand. The result is what I like to call Furniture Art.

It's beautiful, artisanal-quality hardwood furniture created by crafters who have mastered their art and the hardwoods of their region through three generations of practice and study.

100% Happiness and Joy Guarantee

We guarantee you'll love your new table -- and you have one year to return it for a 100% refund if you don't.

Only 14 people have returned furniture to us over the past 19 years, mostly for issues relating to improper fit or size.

We are very, very good at what we do. Please don't disappoint yourself by buying a table from anyone else :) 

Details on Our Return Policy

Dining Table Construction Details

Exceptional Quality Minnesota Hardwoods: Our hardwoods are locally grown, locally sourced, and sustainably replanted.

No Shortcuts Taken Construction: Our dining room tables are created from no-compromises 1.5" thick hardwood. Our bases are composed entirely of solid hardwood, and are designed to support our exceptionally heavy tabletop.

Dining Furniture Catalog

Learn how easy it is to order a dining table built especially for your family!

Our Dining Furniture Catalog is a great way to browse through our selection of dining tables, benches, and chairs — all in one handy book.

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