Hickory Hardwood TEST

Hickory is a beautiful, dense wood with long threads of dark wood grain that run throughout its brilliant patchwork of color.

Erik Organic's 'No Compromises' hickory furniture is created from 100% genuine Hickory (species name Carya Ovata). We are certain of this because our Hickory is locally grown, locally sourced, and sustainably replanted.

To showcase the beauty of this hardwood, we've prepared a special Hickory Sample Kit. The cost of the kit is $45, it is fully refundable upon return of the Sample Kit or upon purchase of any furniture from Erik Organic.

Included in the Sample Kit: Natural Hickory, Manor Hickory, Tennessee Hickory, Tudor Hickory, Sunset Hickory, Calico Hickory, Caramel Hickory, Stickley Hickory and Galley Hickory.

Delivery in 8-12 days via USPS Priority Mail (domestic shipping only).


The Beauty of Genuine Hickory

Hickory has a unique combination of strength, hardness, and beauty.

If you're looking for a resilient tabletop or a desk that can maintain its beauty through active use, hickory is the way to go.

Our tablemakers like to sharpen their tools before cutting into a dense and heavy wood like Hickory. 

Joe calls hickory the 'wild wood', like the old wild west.  Hickory’s heartwood is closer to the center of the bark and it is dark in color. This difference in color between the heartwood and the sapwood dramatizes the contrast and adds a striking look which appeals to so many of our customers.

We Love Hickory!

Hickory has dark and light patches intermixed, ranging from medium blonde to brown. The color variation in Hickory is very substantial.

As it ages, Hickory will take on subtle amber tones. This color change is moderate.

Its Janka rating (hardness and resistance to scrapes, gouges and cuts) is 1820, making it the strongest commonly available hardwood.

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Not All Hickory is 'Hickory'

Just like nutrition labels on food, many furniture websites mask the origin and characteristics of their lumber.

For example, 'hickory furniture' is often made with hickory laminate glued on top of a low-quality filler wood.

The result is mediocre-quality furniture that costs a lot more than it should, furniture that shows the 'wear & tear' of life shortly after delivery. 

Erik Organic Furniture is created from 100% solid Hickory, because real Hickory is absolutely gorgeous.

According to the Washington Post, furniture is an area where it can be hard to differentiate quality:

“People who wouldn’t even think of buying a fake handbag, watch or sunglasses lower their standards dramatically when it comes to furniture."

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Hickory Stain Choices

Natural hickory is a beautiful, highly variant wood with long threads of dark wood grain that run throughout its brilliant patchwork of color. 

Our color selection of hickory stains ranges from light to medium-dark.

Light and medium stain colors accentuate the grain patterns of hickory.

Darker stains reduce the variation in hickory, creating a look that has some similarities with dark cherry.

Our 'Fall in Love with Our Hickory Furniture Guarantee'

The most common reaction our customers have upon seeing our furniture is 'That's the most beautiful furniture I've ever seen.' 

If you don't love your new hickory furniture, then send it back. We'll find it a new home.

We offer a 100% quality assurance guarantee, with a 99%+ customer satisfaction rate over 19 years.

Details on Our 100% Quality Guarantee

Real Minnesota Hardwoods

We use 100% genuine hardwoods in our furniture.

Our furniture is created from beautiful Minnesota oak, cherry, maple, hickory and walnut.

If you'd like to learn more about our other hardwoods, please request a Hardwoods Guide.

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