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We also offer genuine hardwood samples to assist you in selecting the perfect stain color and hardwood for your furniture.

The Standard Kit contains samples from every wood species, in a small variety of stains. It will include five large 6" x 6" wood samples (one of every major wood species we work with), and ten 3" x 3" wood samples (our ten most popular stain colors).

The Jumbo Kit contains five large 6" x 6" wood samples, twenty-seven 3" x 3" wood samples (which includes all our most popular stain colors), and several unique wood species or unique cuts that will vary based on availability. 

For the Custom Kit, one of our furniture experts will schedule a consultation with you to create your own customized Jumbo Kit.

All payments for hardwood sample kits are 100% refundable upon return of the hardwood sample kit to Erik Organic, or upon the placing of an order with Erik Organic. 



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