How We Ship Our Furniture

Erik Organic furniture is hand-made, and hand-delivered.

After your new furniture is created and finished in our Minnesota workshops, we arrange hand delivery of our furniture with one of our experienced drivers!

Our Friendly, Highly Experienced Delivery Team 

Our drivers grew up in the same woodworking community as our crafters, so they know our furniture very well. Their experience helps to assure your satisfaction with your new furniture delivery. 

When your furniture arrives you will have as much time as you need to comfortably inspect the furniture, to make sure that it meets (and exceeds!) your expectations.

We offer two forms of hand delivery to our customers. 

Curbside Delivery

Curbside shipping is available at the flat rate of $250 for any amount of furniture you order from Erik Organic..

Our customers love our hand deliveries!

  • With Curbside Delivery, the driver delivers your new furniture to your 'curbside'. You'll need to move it the rest of the way!
  • While our drivers will often try to help you by delivering the furniture to your doorstep or inside the doorway to your home, please be courteous of their time. They have several deliveries to make each day, and only have so much time allocated for curbside deliveries.
  • This delivery method is recommended for small-to-medium sized furniture pieces. Curbside Delivery is not recommended for full sets of furniture, for tables over 60" in length, or for case goods like dressers or china cabinets. Our furniture is created with no compromises, including the amount of hardwood we utilize in each furniture piece. Your new furniture is probably going to be heavier than you expect it to be.

Our drivers are very experienced in helping with any questions you might have about your new furniture.

Some things to be aware of, with Curbside Delivery:

  • When you order furniture via Curbside Delivery, there may be some very minor assembly required. The two most common examples are beds and dining tables. Beds ship with the footboard, rails, headboard and slats unassembled. Dining tables often ship in two pieces, the tabletop and table base. (These furniture pieces are generally too large to fit inside our customer’s front door without minor disassembly).
  • Occasionally, a customer is too far away from our delivery route and we send a shipment out in a crate via freight carrier. This only happens a few times per year. But please be aware that if you live in a remote area, we might need to crate up your order instead of hand delivering it.

Inside the Home Delivery

Inside the Home delivery is available at the flat rate of $600 for any amount of furniture you order from Erik Organic..

Our customers love our hand deliveries!

  • Delivered inside the home or office, our delivery professional does a full installation in the room(s) of your choice.

Our drivers are very experienced in helping with any questions you might have about your new furniture.

Some things to be aware of, with Inside Delivery:

  • Please let us know anything our driver needs to know about your delivery when you place your order. Are your stairs a bit tricky? Is the bedroom set going through a narrow doorway? Does your apartment building require proof of insurance be presented to the building manager? Do you need help moving old furniture out of the way? This will help our driver to prepare for your delivery in advance, making sure they have the time and tools necessary to make your delivery experience a great one. (Please note that complex delivery requests may require a Custom Delivery quote).

A Note on Pricing for Curbside Delivery and Inside Delivery

We do ask our customers to help our drivers by being flexible with delivery times., because our drivers hand-deliver to several dozen customers on each delivery route.

For customers with very limited time windows for delivery, or remote delivery locations, we offer Custom Delivery as an option.

Custom Delivery

Custom delivery is an option for four types of customers:

  • Custom delivery quotes may be helpful for customers who require expedited delivery, or require deliveries to be completed within narrow time windows.
  • Custom delivery quotes may be helpful for customers who need help with moving existing furniture out of the way, to make room for their new Erik Organic furniture.
  • Custom delivery quotes are required for those who live in very difficult-to-access location (such as a cabin accessible only by ferry), very difficult delivery conditions within the home (such as 3 flights up a narrow spiral staircase), apartment buildings that are very difficult to access, or other delivery conditions which are far outside the norm.
  • Custom delivery quotes are required for deliveries to Alaska, Hawaii, Canada or other international locations. International shipping quotes do not include the cost of any duties or fees imposed by the local government.

Delivery Problems

We have very few problems with our deliveries, because our furniture is carefully blanket wrapped and hand-loaded by our drivers.

But if a problem does occur, please call us at 888-900-5235 to discuss it while the driver is still there. There's a good chance that we can fix your problem on the spot!

If it's not possible to reach us while the driver is still at your home or office, then please be sure to note all of the details (including specific damage or defects to the furniture, and any damage to the exterior packaging) on the Bill of Lading.

Please note that the Bill of Lading is a legal chain of custody document, and that all damage or defects must be detailed in writing prior to signing. (This also applies for curbside delivery. Our furniture is blanket wrapped, not crated. The driver will give you enough time to make a full inspection before signing the Bill of Lading).

Our Drivers

We should clarify what we mean by 'our drivers'.

Due to complex Federal regulations involving shipping across state lines, our drivers are independent from Erik Organic.

However, we've established a great working relationship with them and have worked with the same drivers for several years now. We call them our drivers because it feels like they're part of our team!

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