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"If you enjoy wine but are not jazzed about the side effects, Dry Farm Wines will surprise you."

- Robb Wolf

Once In A Lifetime Furniture

Handcrafted from genuine Minnesota hardwoods


Your new bedroom set ships from the farm where it was made, to the finishing shop, and then directly to your home.

Our furniture is hand-delivered so we can assure that our quality is delivered to your home without compromise.

Stunning Dining Sets

Our crafters are specialist woodworkers who have been creating dining tables for three generations. They love their work, their skill and dedication shows up in the finished product. They can work magic with hardwood.

And it is a kind of magic, when you see the finished product first-hand. The result is as much art as furniture.

Beautiful Modern Designs

Exhibiting Scandinavian tones and design, our Mid-Century Modern collection is designed to become cherished family heirlooms.

Choose from 7 hardwoods

Each hardwood comes with up to 27 finishes


Red Oak is the standard for furniture building. It is a solid, sturdy wood that is uniform in texture and color. Its grain is relatively large, and takes on colored stain quite well. With age, its color will change take on minor amber tones.


Maple has an indistinct grain pattern. It is off white in color; its other common names are 'brown maple' and 'maple'. Maple is a variegated, beautiful wood that looks particularly stunning in darker stains.


Hickory is a very hard, dense wood with dark and light patches intermixed. Its fine grain and unique, varigated coloration ranges from medium blonde to brown. The color variation in hickory is very substantial. Hickory will take on amber tones over time.


Cherry is a straight grained hardwood with a very uniform texture and a rich luster. Its heartwood is light to dark reddish brown. Cherry darkens gradually with age and sunlight, talking on more deep red and brown coloration.

Hard Maple

Hard maple is generally straight, but sometimes curly grained hardwood with a relatively coarse texture. It is usually very white with almost no grain at all, and it is a very durable, very dense hardwood. It does not take on stain or coloration well and is generally used as a contrast wood.


Black Walnut is usually straight grained with a moderately coarse, uniform texture. It has rich dark brown heartwood, and nearly white sapwood. The overall color is a dark brown color with hints of grey, black, and even blue swirled out of the luxurious grain.

100% Happiness & Joy Guarantee

We guarantee you'll love your new furniture.

You have one year to return it for a 100% refund if you don't.


Dining Furniture Catalog

Learn how easy it is to order a dining table built especially for your family!

Our Dining Furniture Catalog is a great way to browse through our selection of dining tables, benches, and chairs — all in one handy book.