Our CraftersOLD

When you look at a piece of our furniture, we believe you can see the hands that made it. Our tables and bedroom sets aren't stamped out of a factory, our chests and dressers aren't glued together by massive machines. They're made by living, breathing people who bring generations of woodworking expertise to each piece.

For example, all of our dining tables are created by Ammon. The artisans in his table workshop have over 60 years of combined woodworking experience. By drawing on this vast experience, Ammon is able to craft tables that are precise, durable, and beautiful.

This kind of lifelong specialization doesn't exist anywhere else. It's what allows Ammon to maintain superior quality even as he adjusts to build something unique for each customer, in any shape, size, and in over a hundred different colors. But even though each table has its own personality, you can see Ammon's work in all that he does.

The pride, care, family learning, and artistry of our furniture is clear from the very first day it arrives at your home. You'll understand immediately why we love this furniture, and we're sure you will, too.


Our Furniture is Created Within a Community

Our collective of family-built workshops are all located near each other in a rural Minnesota community where work is never separate from family. Living so close to each other allows our craftsmen to share woodworking expertise, help one another when there's a family emergency, and teach apprentice woodworkers who will continue these traditions into the next generations.

We are proud and grateful that Erik Organic can play a part in making this way of life economically viable for this community. We help them do the work they love, and in turn this love shows in every piece they create for us.

We Are Sustainable

"Sustainable" is a buzzword you often hear these days, but for us, it's a solid part of our business plan. We literally create furniture that will last longer than it takes to grow new hardwoods to replace the ones we harvest. We make sure that our furniture has a positive impact on the rural Minnesota community in which it's made.

Our solid hardwoods are locally grown and harvested by rural farmers, often located within 100 miles of our workshops. This provides financial benefit to farmers who have sections of their land set aside for selective hardwood harvesting, tree-lined wind breaks, and tree farms. The local sourcing also assures an incredibly high level of quality and consistency in our hardwoods.

Our furniture is built to outlast its buyer, meaning we avoid the destructive cycle of disposal, re-manufacture, and repeated shipping.

At Erik Organic we believe in upholding our end of the social contract by being responsible to our customers, our employees, to the land, and to the community at large. We employ a range of people, treat them well, empower them to do great work, and do our part in creating a sustainable system that financially supports the things that matter to us -- community, wise land use practices, and local businesses.

Our Customers are Part of the Community

Sometimes Erik Organic feels more like a community than a small company. That's because we develop such lasting relationships to customers who come to us again and again as their needs and families grow. Our customers consistently comment on three things: (1) the absolute beauty of the furniture when it arrives, that in real life it exceeds their expectations both for its artistic appearance and its durability; (2) the consistent politeness and efficiency of our delivery teams; and (3) how enjoyable it was to work with our super-competent sales staff.

It's these kind of comments from real people all over the country that let us know we are doing things right at Erik Organic!

Our Crafters

The final piece of what makes our furniture so distinctive is that it exists across generations. The knowledge it takes to build this furniture is handed down through families. And when you bring this furniture to your home, it also becomes something you will hand down to your children and grandchildren.

That's what makes each handcrafted furniture piece from Erik Organic special. Our solid wood furniture is designed to outlast the buyer, to continue to live on in the homes of those you love. Our furniture becomes the next generation's heirlooms.



"His work and mindset is that of a true artist. While crafting each individual piece, his equipment is the brush, the highest quality wood is his canvas, and the best finish that money can buy is the frame for his artwork. Like anything handcrafted, obstacles can arise based on what each customer is looking for. Moses handles each challenge with ease and grace and is constantly learning and looking for ways to improve his process. The artist behind the work is apparent and clear when the finished piece is then hand delivered to each customer.

When Moses hangs up his “Craftsman” hat and switches back to his “family man” hat, he can look at his sons and rest assured that he has a wonderful craft to pass down to them, but first it’s chores, dinner and rest for another day of hard but rewarding work."



"When Dan is working, he practices mindfulness by focusing on exactly what’s in front of him. While at the shop he is able to be very present with what he is doing, paying careful attention to detail, quality and the artistry of his craft. He truly loves what he does and that focus and enjoyment comes through his work. Dan loves a challenge and can be very selective when it comes to finding just the right wood. He pays attention to details like finding lumber that blends very well together and has similar features. He doesn’t cut any corners in his entire process, and this attention to quality and detail is what our customers love and appreciate about the furniture from Erik Organic.

A typical day for Dan involves waking up around 6 or 6:30am to feed and give water to the pigs and horses, and gather eggs from the chickens. He heads to the shop around 7:00am and works until around 5pm with an hour lunch break. When he gets home he works on his “honey do list” and also takes care of his pigs, horses and chickens before going to bed. A full but fulfilling day, Dan truly enjoys making furniture and hopes to have his own shop on his property one day. He says it’s a blessing to practice this craft that can be passed down to his own sons one day."



"Although he has built a community and has achieved extraordinary things as a result of his dedication to woodworking, he lives a humble life on his family’s farm. His workshop is only a few feet away from his home so he visits his wife throughout the day and walks home after a hard day’s work. He is only a buggy trip away from his friends and visits them whenever he can. Eli is content with simple pleasures like this. Appreciating nature on long walks, enjoying the company of his loved ones and creating furniture has given his life true meaning.

His wonderful life has made Eli a joyful and animatic man, something that becomes immediately evident from the very first moment you meet him. He is extremely kind, bears no ill will towards anyone and wants everyone to live a happy life. Many people have gone to him to learn the trade and not only has he shared his skills, he has helped them to set themselves up as independent workers. Eli believes that his skills should not be used to beat the local competition, but to help his wider community to enjoy the same successes he has enjoyed. A vibrant local community where everyone helps each other out is something he steadfastly stands by. As an expert in furniture and a loving father and husband, Eli has had a wonderful influence on his community and the Erik Organic family. We are all blessed to have him in our lives.

To our customers, Eli is not just a table maker. He is a friend; someone who will always endeavor to produce the furniture of your dreams."



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