We can also create signature, highly customized pieces of furniture by using wood from a rare hardwood cut. These hardwoods tend to vary in availability.

One of our favorites is Creamy Dreamy Walnut, which is a rare variant of Walnut that is created by setting aside walnut lumber with 'creamy dreamy qualities'.

A Creamy Dreamy Walnut piece of furniture is a type of lumber that can take months (or years) to acquire enough lumber for. We have located a batch that we've been using to create some exceptionally beautiful pieces of furniture, like this dining table:


Other woods that we have loved worked with are Mahogany, Birds Eye Maple and Knotty Oak.

We can provide a quote in one of these exotic species, but please be aware that they are not always available in large quantities and their cost can be quite high. Birds Eye Maple, for example, is generally used as an accent wood on prominent portions of the furniture.

If you'd like to learn more about our custom hardwoods, please contact us using the form below. Let us know what you're interested in!

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Any questions we can help you with?