The Custom Furniture Mockup Process

by Erik Organic on July 6, 2011


I thought it would be fun to share a little bit about how I create our custom furniture mockups!

It all starts with a customer request. Sometimes a request is extremely detailed—a customer may send images of pieces he/she likes and exact dimensions for the desired piece of furniture. Sometimes the customer isn’t exactly sure what he/she may want and the request is a little more open-ended—maybe just some elements of items on our site that are appealing, or the kind of style that fits into the customer’s home. Or sometimes, a customer just would like to see one of our standard designs in a different color or configuration. I enjoy working on any type of request!

Custom Table Polygons

Lines and simple shapes are behind every custom mockup.

Next, I’ll open up a 3D modeling program on my PC and get to work. The 3D furniture model starts with simple shapes and lines. If dimensions have been provided, I can make the model exactly to scale. When the model is formed, I add on color and texture maps to simulate wood grain and finish. Sometimes this can be the most challenging part of making a good-looking mockup! The 3D program also allows me to simulate lighting and reflections, to make the final image look more realistic.

When the model is completed, John or Gail will send it off to the customers. I hope they’ll like it! But if it’s not quite what they had in mind, we can use the image as a point of discussion for changes, and I’ll make adjustments to the mockup or perhaps build something new. One of the great things about our mockups is that it’s very easy to try out different wood finishes, different table tops, and all sorts of other details without a very long wait!

Wood color and texture added!

The most exciting thing for me, is when a customer really likes his/her custom mockup and decides to order it. Then, the mockup images are sent off to the craftsmen, and they’ll build the piece for real! The craftsmen have an amazing eye for detail and always make the final piece even better than the mockup. I often see the custom pieces at our regular photo shoots. It’s such a pleasure to see a piece of furniture “come to life” and imagine how much the customer will enjoy it.

So, in a nutshell, that’s Erik Organic custom furniture mockups. If you ever want to order up some custom furniture, just visit this page and send a message or give us a call!


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