Furniture Styles

We offer over 80 styles of furniture, ranging from traditional to contemporary.

If you don't see the matching furniture piece on our website, we can create custom furniture to your specifications. Many of our designs begin with a customer request such as, "I'd like a china cabinet in the zen style."

alsace furniture

Alsace Furniture

alexandria furniture

Alexandria Furniture

americana furniture

Americana Furniture

arcadia furniture

Arcadia Furniture

aurora furniture

Aurora Furniture

alberta furniture

Alberta Furniture

ashton furniture

Ashton Furniture

barcelona furniture

Barcelona Furniture

baroque furniture

Baroque Furniture

bordeaux furniture

Bordeaux Furniture

breton furniture

Breton Furniture

Camden table

Camden Furniture

cascade table

Cascade Furniture

catalina furniture

Catalina Furniture

catalina furniture

Classic Furniture

colonial furniture

Colonial Furniture

concord furniture

Concord Furniture

cordoba furniture

Cordoba Furniture

corsica furniture

Corsica Furniture

cottonwood furniture

Cottonwood Furniture

craftsman furniture

Craftsman Furniture

dakota furniture

Dakota Furniture

davenport furniture

Davenport Furniture

devonshire furniture

Devonshire Furniture

drake furniture

Delton Furniture

delton furniture

Drake Furniture

eastern furniture

Eastern Furniture

edmonton furniture

Edmonton Furniture

elysian furniture

Elysian Furniture

farmhouse furniture

Farmhouse Furniture

florence furniture

Florence Furniture

geneva furniture

Geneva Furniture

giordano furniture

Giordano Furniture

glasgow furniture

Glasgow Furniture

glasgow furniture

Groveland Furniture


Gustavus Dining Chair

Gustavus Furniture

Hagen Dining Table

Hagen Furniture

haiku furniture

Haiku Furniture

harvest furniture

Harvest Furniture

hillside furniture

Hillside Furniture

hope furniture

Hope Furniture

horizon furniture

Horizon Furniture

hudson furniture

Hudson Furniture

huntington furniture

Huntington Furniture

kyoto furniture

Kyoto Furniture

lancaster furniture

Lancaster Furniture

lisbon furniture

Lisbon Furniture

lotus furniture

Lotus Furniture

marseille furniture

Marseille Furniture

mayfair furniture

Mayfair Furniture

mission furniture

Mission Furniture

monaco furniture

Monaco Furniture

monticello furniture

Monrovia Furniture

monticello furniture

Monticello Furniture

montreal furniture

Montreal Furniture

montrose furniture

Montrose Furniture

niagra furniture

Niagra Furniture

oxford furniture

Oxford Furniture

palermo furniture

Palermo Furniture

parma furniture

Parma Furniture

pennsylvania furniture

Pennsylvania Furniture

phoenix furniture

Phoenix Furniture

prairie furniture

Prairie Furniture

queen anne furniture

Queen Anne Furniture

riverside furniture

Riverside Furniture

rochester furniture

Rochester Furniture

rothmore furniture

Rothmore Furniture

runic furniture

Runic Furniture

santego furniture

Santego Furniture

sacramento furniture

Sacramento Furniture

sacramento furniture

Sacramento Triptych Furniture

savoy furniture

Savoy Furniture


seneca furniture

Seneca Furniture

seville furniture

Seville Furniture

shaker furniture

Shaker Furniture

shenzen furniture

Shenzen Furniture

shenzen furniture

Silvan Furniture

sonora furniture

Sonora Furniture

strafford furniture

Strafford Furniture

sumatra furniture

Sumatra Furniture

syracuse furniture

Syracuse Furniture

syracuse furniture

Tansu Furniture

teton furniture

Teton Furniture

trestle furniture

Trestle Furniture

tulip furniture

Tulip Furniture

tuscany furniture

Tuscany Furniture

turin furniture

Turin Furniture

urbana furniture

Urbana Furniture

vail furniture

Vail Furniture

valencia furniture

Valencia Furniture

venice furniture

Venice Furniture

victoria furniture

Victoria Furniture

western furniture

Western Furniture

winslow furniture

Winslow Furniture

woodland furniture

Woodland Furniture

xenium furniture

Xenium Furniture

york furniture

York Furniture

zen furniture

Zen Furniture


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