Mission Furniture

Mission furniture is based on traditional Craftsman designs. It has been our most popular style for the past several years. The distinguishing features of this style include multiple slats and lines, as well as gentle arches. This is a classic Amish design.

There are minor differences in interpretation on what 'mission furniture' is among the Amish craftsmen we partner with, but we can adjust pieces to match up more precisely -- such as making sure a desk has the same corbels and slats as a coffee table.

Bedroom Furniture

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mission armoire

Mission Armoire

mission bed frame

Mission Bed

mission dresser

Mission Dresser

mission blanket chest

Mission Blanket Chest

mission nightstand

Mission Nightstand

mission platform bed

Mission Platform Bed

Dining Furniture

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Mission dining table

Mission Dining Table

Albany mission dining table

Albany Mission Dining Table

Plains mission dining table

Plains Mission Dining Table

Gateleg Mission dining table

Gateleg Mission Dining Table

mission dining chair

Mission Dining Chair

raised mission dining chair

Raised Mission Dining Chair

knox mission china cabinet

Knox Mission China Cabinet

mission china cabinet

Mission China Cabinet

mission kitchen buffet

Mission Kitchen Buffet

mission bench

Mission Bench

corbel mission bench

Corbel Mission Bench

plains mission dining chair

Plains Mission Dining Chair

mission corner cabinet

Mission Corner Cabinet

plains mission bench with back

Plains Mission Bench with Back

mission barstool

Mission Barstool

raised mission barstool

Raised Mission Barstool

Office Furniture

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mission bookshelf

Mission Bookshelf

Living Room Furniture

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Mission End Table

Mission Coffee Table

Mission Sofa Table

Mission Entertainment Center

The Origin of Mission Style Furniture

What we commonly call the Mission Style of furniture started out as one small line in a grand vision of furniture more properly called "Craftsman".

The origin goes back to 1898 and a man named Gustav Stickley, who pioneered a new vision of furniture in his shop at the Craftsman Farms in New Jersey. "We should have in our homes something better suited to our needs and more expressive of our character as a people than imitations of the traditional styles", he wrote. The Mission Style grabbed the public eye and quickly became his most popular line.

His creations are better known as "Craftsman", as he dubbed them. They announce their presence quietly but forcefully, through balanced proportion, simple construction and careful use of adornment.

The Mission Style captured the imagination of the public by the 1920s, and took on a life of its own. Designers such as Harvey Ellis and Frank Lloyd Wright were also captivated by this style.

This vision marched forward under the banner of the "Arts and Crafts" movement. It stood, in many ways, as a response to industrial manufacturing, and works well in an Amish shop.

Mission style furniture and chests fell out of favor for a time after World War II, but came back strongly in the 1960s and 70s as people began questioning a mechanized life. The popularity of this style continues on today for another new generation to admire.

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