Erik Organic Furniture

Beautiful, Handcrafted, Solid Wood Furniture

At Erik Organic it means every piece of our furniture is built by master craftsmen whose families specialize for generations in building just that furniture. Every piece we sell is crafted in workshops that are located a few hundred feet from the craftsman's home. Our furniture is built with the finest, naturally grown, and most sustainable American hardwoods. And we tie all of this together with superb customer service and an experienced sales team dedicated to delivering this furniture to homes all across America.

That's quality. It's Erik Organic quality. And it's all we do.

If you're interested in getting more of the details of our process, please read on.

Individually Handcrafted Pieces

When you look at a piece of our furniture, we believe you can see the hands that made it. Our tables and bedroom sets aren't stamped out of a factory, our chests and dressers aren't glued together by massive machines. They're made by living, breathing people who bring generations of woodworking expertise to each piece.

For example, all of our dining tables are created by Ammon. The artisans in his table workshop have over 60 years of combined woodworking experience. By drawing on this vast experience, Ammon is able to craft tables that are precise, durable, and beautiful.

This kind of lifelong specialization doesn't exist anywhere else. It's what allows Ammon to maintain superior quality even as he adjusts to build something unique for each customer, in any shape, size, and in over a hundred different colors. But even though each table has its own personality, you can see Ammon's work in all that he does.

The pride, care, family learning, and artistry of our furniture is clear from the very first day it arrives at your home. You'll understand immediately why we love this furniture, and we're sure you will, too.

Our Furniture is both Functional and Artistic

Two words define our furniture: beauty and durability. You want something distinctive that helps brings your home to life. And you want it to last.

By combining modern aesthetics with robust, solid wood craftsmanship, we are able to deliver strength and beauty without compromise. We constantly seek out new ideas even as we continue to perfect what we already do. Our passion and expertise allow us to create entire lines of gorgeous furniture that can stand up to decades of everyday life.

Our Furniture is Created Within a Community

Our collective of family-built workshops are all located near each other in a rural Minnesota community where work is never separate from family. Living so close to each other allows our craftsmen to share woodworking expertise, help one another when there's a family emergency, and teach apprentice woodworkers who will continue these traditions into the next generations.

We are proud and grateful that Erik Organic can play a part in making this way of life economically viable for this community. We help them do the work they love, and in turn this love shows in every piece they create for us.

We Are Sustainable

"Sustainable" is a buzzword you often hear these days, but for us, it's a solid part of our business plan. We literally create furniture that will last longer than it takes to grow new hardwoods to replace the ones we harvest. We make sure that our furniture has a positive impact on the rural Minnesota community in which it's made.

Our solid hardwoods are locally grown and harvested by rural farmers, often located within 100 miles of our workshops. This provides financial benefit to farmers who have sections of their land set aside for selective hardwood harvesting, tree-lined wind breaks, and tree farms. The local sourcing also assures an incredibly high level of quality and consistency in our hardwoods.

Our furniture is built to outlast its buyer, meaning we avoid the destructive cycle of disposal, re-manufacture, and repeated shipping.

Our furniture is made in America. Our interior mechanisms are manufactured in Ohio and Indiana. Our standard wood finishes are manufactured in Wisconsin and Ohio. The farthest we reach is to get our oil and wax wood finish from Canada. Staying regional reduces our environmental footprint even further.

At Erik Organic we believe in upholding our end of the social contract by being responsible to our customers, our employees, to the land, and to the community at large. We employ a range of people, treat them well, empower them to do great work, and do our part in creating a sustainable system that financially supports the things that matter to us -- community, wise land use practices, and local businesses.

We Believe in Old-Fashioned Service

When dealing with Erik Organic, you can be sure you'll never get cut-off or your order confused in a big company bureaucracy. Our sales staff gets to know each customer personally. We don't just take orders, we talk with you about possibilities, and exactly how our furniture will work in your home.

We work without compromise to make sure you are satisfied with every step in our process, from our website, to our phone service, to the moment your furniture arrives, and beyond.

We are ready to answer every question and smooth out every concern. At Erik Organic our customer service is among our proudest accomplishments, right up there with the furniture itself.

Our Customers are Part of the Community

Sometimes Erik Organic feels more like a community than a small company. That's because we develop such lasting relationships to customers who come to us again and again as their needs and families grow. Our customers consistently comment on three things: (1) the absolute beauty of the furniture when it arrives, that in real life it exceeds their expectations both for its artistic appearance and its durability; (2) the consistent politeness and efficiency of our delivery teams; and (3) how enjoyable it was to work with our super-competent sales staff.

It's these kind of comments from real people all over the country that let us know we are doing things right at Erik Organic. For a fascinating tour through comments and in-home furniture pictures people have sent us, visit our extensive Customer Comment section on our website.

We Hand-Deliver Most of Our Furniture

We have three delivery options flexible enough to fit every customer's needs. (1) Curbside, our $200 service to nearly anywhere in the U.S., no matter how much furniture you order; (2) Inside-the-Home, a $500 option that includes delivery, set-up, and clean-up, also applies as a single fee no matter how many pieces we deliver; (3) Custom, a private delivery for customers with special requirements, priced according to each job.

Our ability to schedule your delivery with others as we criss-cross the country insures that every delivery is affordable and reliable. When it arrives you will have as much time as you need to comfortably inspect the furniture to make sure it is exactly as you want it. Our drivers are the best in the country at what they do, and if our eighteen years in business have taught us one thing, it's that our customers are always impressed with how smoothly we get this furniture from our community workshops to your front door, no matter where you live.

Handed Down Through Generations

The final piece of what makes our furniture so distinctive is that it exists across generations. The knowledge it takes to build this furniture is handed down through families. And when you bring this furniture to your home, it also becomes something you will hand down to your children and grandchildren.

That's what makes each handcrafted furniture piece from Erik Organic special. Our solid wood furniture is designed to outlast the buyer, to continue to live on in the homes of those you love. Our furniture becomes the next generation's heirlooms.

And in our modern world, that is indeed unique.

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