The Story of Erik Organic

Erik Organic is dedicated to making the best furniture possible.

We make no compromises with the beauty and integrity of our work, or with our dedication to serving our customers. We believe in old-fashioned service and old-fashioned quality.

Our furniture is created in small family-owned workshops, using locally-grown Minnesota hardwoods.

18 Years of Creating Beautiful Furniture Art

We began working with a community of Amish craftsmen 18 years ago. They created beautiful furniture, following the old traditions of woodworking that were passed down from previous generations of woodworkers. But the craftsmen had no way of reaching customers outside of trying to sell what they could to local furniture stores.

Selling and shipping furniture on the Internet was pretty new at that time, so we started out simple. We were the first company to offer handcrafted cedar chests on the Internet. At the time, the market was dominated by Lane chests.

Our furniture has ended up in some amazing places over the past 18 years…

hope chest

A cedar chest we created for the Hope for a Cure nonprofit foundation, which was then custom-painted and then signed by President Bush.

Like most quality brands, the Lane name used to be a signal of quality. Then the quality diminished, because cutting costs and charging your customers the same old premium price for a sub-premium-quality product is a great way to cash in on the goodwill and trust that you've developed with your customers over time. (Sears and their Craftsman tool line is a great example of this).

Lane's cedar chests weren't created from solid hardwood, and ours were. So we ran with that!

Putting Customers First

We were able to thrive in the days of the early Internet because we offered something no one else did. We offered our customers genuine quality at a fair price.

But the key to why Erik Organic has thrived all of these years, and has been able to provide a reliable income to the craftsmen that we work with, is because we treat our customers right. We treat them the way we would want to be treated.

As we've always told the craftsmen ... I'm not the boss. The customer is the boss. We have to do what they want or we're all out of a job.

I guess that I didn't realize how different this attitude was, at first. It's the way I was raised. You treat other people right, and chances are they'll return the same kindness towards you.

When you order from Erik Organic, you are helping this community of woodworkers to thrive.

This community is perhaps, the last independent Amish woodworking community in America. (Most 'Amish furniture' is made in Amish-owned factories where furniture is mass-produced. That has never been the Erik Organic way, and it never will be. A skilled craftsman can't put his heart into his work if he's working on an assembly line).

Our craftsmen are experts at working with the locally grown, solid hardwoods that are grown around the town of Harmony.

Whatever furniture we make for you will be done to a high level of quality, and it will be made with genuine love of craft.

This is the Erik Organic way. We can't conceive of doing business any other way.

The Erik Organic Team

We create the highest quality furniture in the world -- and it starts with our quality team of experts.

Erik Schimek

Erik Schimek

Erik loves what he does, and feels proud that he is able to empower so many families in our builder communities. Having a national market for their furniture means our craftsmen can continue the lifestyle that has been at the heart of who they are for well over a hundred years. Erik sees his company as part of keeping those traditions alive and growing.

Erik also believes strongly in protecting our environment and making wise use of our renewable natural resources. Upholding its part of the social contract that says we all need to care for the world we live in is one of the central missions of Erik Organic. That commitment to responsible building comes directly from Erik himself.

When he isn't watching over the details of Erik Organic, Erik loves to travel and photograph nature (ask him about Hawaii sometime when you have a couple of hours to spare). He's also an avid hiker who can be found every weekend out exploring the trails and sites around his new hometown of Austin, Texas.

Cristina Diaconescu


Cristina is the sales process optimization guru at Erik Organic. After a long career in the pharmaceutical industries, cristina loves being part of a company that makes amazing, handcrafted furniture. She embraces the challenge of harnessing modern sales technology to streamline the process of delivering Erik Organic's furniture to those who appriceate its fine, functional artistry.

In her off hours, you can find Cristina savoring coffee while studying holistic medicine and medicinal plants

Destiny Olson


Destiny switched gears to join the customer service team at Erik Organic after working for and within the foster care system. She and her husband have had the opportunity to parent 13 children over the course of 17 years. With this experience, she's mastered the ability to meet people's needs with warmth and determination. When Destiny isn't working, she can be found assisting with her teenage sons' activities or lounging in a cozy chair with the family cat.

The dining room table is where we create and hand down traditions to the next generation. It's where we sit closer than we normally would and try a bit harder to use our manners. It's where we make space for one another.

During the years we fostered, my husband and I couldn't predict how many children we would have at our dining room table for any given holiday, but we were prepared. Some years we had as few as three children, while other years we had six. Some children returned to their homes, while other children made us their home. This Thanksgiving, our oldest son and his wife announced that they will have a baby in the new year. We are grateful to make space at the table for at least one more next year!

It's important to ensure that people feel included; to feel like they one of the family. One of the most obvious ways to convey this is to make space for them in the heart of the home.

What traditions do you have at your dining room table? Is there enough space for everyone? If not, perhaps I can help you with that in 2019.

Shirley Endres


Shirley is as midwest as it gets! Born and raised on a Minnesota farm near a small town of less than 300. She grew up with a hardworking family teaching her to treat people like you want to be treated.

After working as a home designer/drafter, construction project manager, she's wound up here at Erik Organic. Loves the left brain - right brain parts of the job but most of all loves helping people choosing the right furniture for their particular needs and styles. Living close to the 'wood artists' (our Craftsmen) she enjoys being in their shops and asking questions to always better understand the craftsmanship of these functional pieces of art.

When not working, you can usually find her enjoying the outdoors, hanging out with friends on the golf course or traveling the countryside.

Karen Scheevel


Karen grew up on the family farm near Harmony, MN. A part-time farmer herself, loves working with the variety of animals she has at her place. She also enjoys being in the fresh Minnesota air — hiking, skiing or just taking a brisk walk.

Karen is a neighbor to our craftsmen and is the company's main communicator with them. She'll be found looping through the countryside delivering orders to be built, snapping photos of furniture, talking through the details of a customized order and making sure the flow of the projects stay up to date so the customers know the status of their furniture.

Tom Dunn

Tom Dunn

Tom is our team's top notch photographer. His specialties in both commercial and artistic photography clearly show in the beautiful work he does. Tom loves to travel, root for Minnesota Wild hockey, chill with his wife Colleen, and relax with Arbus, his black and white cat.

Our Delivery Professionals

Simon Hershberger

Simon Hershberger

Simon and his delivery team manages the majority of our furniture deliveries. He was raised and grew up Amish in Southeastern Minnesota. At the age of 18 he left the culture in hopes to someday own and operate his own trucking company so he could see the country. In Simon's free time he enjoys golfing he also lo ves traveling to different parts of the country, meeting new people, and admiring the different cultures. He also plans to travel around the world someday when the kids are out of school and time allows.

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