Plains Mission Dining Chair

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Built-to-order from solid hardwood, the Plains Mission chair fits beautifully into any style of decor.

Hand-made to your specifications in 6-10 weeks, then hand-delivered to your home in 1-3 weeks.

Plains Mission dining chairs measure 42" high x 18¼" wide x 17" deep (side chairs), dining chairs with arms are a bit wider. The seat is 17½" off the ground.

Chair Arm
Chair Seat

Created with Love and Joy

Our crafters are specialist woodworkers who have been creating dining furniture for three generations. They love their work, their skill and dedication shows up in the finished product. They can work magic with hardwood.

And it is a kind of magic, when you see the finished product first-hand. The result is what I like to call Furniture Art.

It's beautiful, artisanal-quality hardwood furniture created by crafters who have mastered their art and the hardwoods of their region through three generations of practice and study.

Customers Love Our Furniture

“The table and chairs are absolutely spectacular, gorgeous!!! My husband and I are blown away by the exceptional craftsmanship. Wow!!!! We will definitely gift them to one of our sons and wife when we’re gone, such a special gift of love ?? Also, the delivery men were absolutely wonderful, very kind, polite and so helpful We were so impressed by them!!!

Please tell Erik that we are 200% satisfied with the entire experience. We will definitely recommend Erik Organic to everyone we know.

Thank you again from the bottom of my heart for all your help You went above and beyond! I appreciate you!!!!

Cheers, Karla Peterson"


Real Minnesota Hardwoods

We use 100% genuine hardwoods in our furniture.

Our chairs are created from beautiful Minnesota oak, cherry, maple, hickory and walnut. 

A note of caution: Just like nutrition labels on food, many furniture websites mask the origin and characteristics of their 'wood'.

For example 'walnut' is not necessarily lumber from the species Juglans Nigra, or a related species. It's probably walnut laminate glued on top of a low-quality filler wood.

There is a profound difference between Juglans Nigra walnut lumber and 'walnut'. We use the real thing.

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100% Happiness and Joy Guarantee

Our dining furniture is hand-made and hand-delivered.

We guarantee that you'll love your new dining set -- and you have one year to return it for a 100% refund if you don't!

Only 14 people have returned furniture to us over the past 19 years, mostly for issues relating to improper fit or size.

We are very, very good at what we do.

Details on Our Return Policy

'No Compromises' Dining Furniture

We've been successful for over 19 years, because our customers have come to trust the Erik Organic 'no compromises' brand of quality.

Made in America: Our furniture has been made in America for 19 years, to impeccable quality standards. 

Our furniture is designed to last for three generations, longer than it takes a walnut sapling to grow into a mature walnut tree.

Spectacular Craftsmanship: All of our crafters live and work on their farmsteads, creating fine furniture a few hundred feet from an active farm. Furniture-making is part of their community and family life.

Our crafters select their hardwood from the local lumberyards, carefully selecting lumber matched to the project -- to assure that the end result is a beautiful and unique piece of furniture. 

Their love of craft translates into the spectacular quality of our furniture.

Hand Delivery: Your dining set ships from the farm where it was made, to the finishing shop, and then directly to your home.

Our furniture is hand-delivered so we can assure that our quality is delivered to your home without compromise.

19 Years of Excellent Customer Service

Alan loves his new dining set:

“The craftsmanship on the table is great (even better than expected) and the proportional dimensions of the table base looks excellent. The table stain and finish are perfect blend with the rest of the house.

The guys (Jake) that delivered the table were very kind and professional. They introduced themselves then went straight to work.

The storage bench has worked out great also, and the split top seat is what we were looking for.

Thanks for guiding and helping us get exactly what we were searching for. Several visitors have asked where we got the pieces, so we have sent them to your web site.

— Alan from Virginia"

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