Wood Samples for Walnut Furniture

Wood Samples for Walnut Furniture

Our furniture is created from solid hardwoods, joined together with strong handcrafted wood joints and high quality hardware.

What is walnut hardwood?: Black Walnut is usually straight grained with a moderately coarse, uniform texture. It has rich dark brown heartwood, and nearly white sapwood. The overall color is a dark brown color with hints of grey, black, and even blue swirled out of the luxurious grain. Genuine black walnut is very rare these days -- what you think of as walnut is likely a stained variety of oak. True black walnut is a very complicated, very beautiful hardwood. With age, walnut will take on a bit of golden brown color. This change is minor. Its species name is Juglans Nigra. Its Janka rating (hardness and resistance to scrapes, gouges and cuts) is 1010.

Master Walnut

Natural Walnut

Oil & Wax Walnut

Winter Walnut

Provincial Walnut

Temperance Walnut

Smoky Walnut

Alamo Walnut

Montana Walnut

Ruby Walnut

Mocha Walnut

Columbus Walnut

Stormy Walnut

Cloquet Walnut

Minnesota Walnut

Jefferson Walnut

Carolina Walnut

Toltec Walnut

Splendid Walnut

Dodge Walnut

Zenith Walnut

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