Wood Samples for Hickory Furniture

Wood Samples for Hickory Furniture

Our furniture is created from solid hardwoods, joined together with strong handcrafted wood joints and high quality hardware.

What is hickory hardwood?: Hickory is a very hard, dense wood with dark and light patches intermixed. Its fine grain and unique, varigated coloration ranges from medium blonde to brown. The color variation in hickory is very substantial. Hickory will take on amber tones over time. This color change is moderate. Its species name is Carya Ovata. Its Janka rating (hardness and resistance to scrapes, gouges and cuts) is 1820, making it the strongest commonly available hardwood.

Oil & Wax Hickory

Natural Hickory

Manor Hickory

Tennessee Hickory

Tudor Hickory

Sunset Hickory

Calico Hickory

Caramel Hickory

Stickley Hickory

Galley Hickory

Dusky Hickory

Dark Hickory

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