Wood Samples for Maple Furniture

Wood Samples for Maple Furniture

Our furniture is created from solid hardwoods, joined together with strong handcrafted wood joints and high quality hardware.

What is maple?: Maple has an indistinct grain pattern. It is offwhite in color; its other common names are 'brown maple' and 'maple'. Maple is a variegated, beautiful wood that looks particularly stunning in darker stains. Stain applied to maple is not uniform due to variations in grain and density -- this is part of its appeal. Its species name is Acer Rubrum. Its Janka rating (hardness and resistance to scrapes, gouges and cuts) is 950.

Serene Maple

Oil & Wax Maple

Natural Maple

Ginger Maple

Classical Maple

Calhoun Maple

Sugar Maple

Como Maple

Vermont Maple

Itasca Maple

Lamar Maple

Royal Maple

Weathered Maple

Slate Maple

Colonial Maple

Acres Maple

Tuscan Maple

Iconic Maple

Espresso Maple

Bemidji Maple

Wisconsin Maple

Rose Maple

Onyx Maple

Charcoal Maple

Sable Maple

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