Built to Stand the Test of Time

Our nightstands are individually hand-crafted by an Amish craftsman in small, family-owned workshops.

American Made, Supports the Local Economy

Our furniture is made with pride in the USA. Therefore, purchasing a piece of furniture from Erik Organic directly supports the Midwestern economy.

Pass it On To Your Grandchildren

Having access to this beautiful, locally-grown hardwood is very important when building a quality piece of furniture. But building to last involves more than just having the right wood that's been properly prepared—it involves a lot of knowledge, patience, and commitment.

Time honored methods of building fine furniture mean these pieces take a lot more time to assemble than mass-produced products. But a well-constructed nightstand necessitates this quality of construction.

This woodworking knowledge is passed from father to son, from master craftsman to apprentice. They learn the right way to make a piece of furniture that can stand the test of time.

Because our solid wood furniture is designed to outlast the buyer, it can be passed on to your children or grandchildren. Our furniture will become the next generation's heirlooms and antiques.