A Hand Built End Table For a Hand Built Lake Home

by john on June 14, 2011


After seeing all the great furniture that everyone is getting I had to have something for myself.  I live in a rather small lake home built by my grandfather.  So while it would be great to have a large Dining table or hutch of some sort, my dining area simply doesn’t have the space.  My living room on the other hand did need a nice end table.

Looking to my coffee table for inspiration on the design I sent a couple of pictures of it to our craftsmen to look at.  Of course they could make something like it, it’s made from wood.  I gave them some sizes that I was looking at and on my next trip down to them I was able to pick up my brand new solid oak hardwood end table that matches perfectly the design of my coffee table.

I have had a number of people over who without even pointing it out to them said “WOW, where did you get that?  It fits perfectly in your house.”  Not only the design to match the coffee table, but also the all wood interior of my home as well.  My grandfather built an excellent home to retire in that has been passed down to his first born grandson who is keeping up with the all wood interior that looks so nice in a lake home.


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