Narrow Dining Tables

Many of our dining tables and kitchen tables can be created as 28" wide, 30" wide and/or 32" wide tables. These tables are well-suited for narrow dining rooms or kitchens.

Please see below for details and pricing on these options. Please feel free to contact us for assistance.

Narrow Harvest Dining Table, Mahogany Oak

Narrow Riverside Dining Table, Natural Hickory

Narrow Mayfair Kitchen Table, Custom Hard Maple

Narrow Montreal Dining Table, Custom Cherry and Oak

Narrow Lancaster Kitchen Table, Natural Cherry

Narrow Montreal Dining Table, Royal Maple

Narrow Harvest Dining Table, Knotty Oak

Narrow Harvest Dining Table, Natural Maple

Narrow Mission Dining Table, Medium Oak

Narrow Woodland Dining Table, Midnight Oak

Narrow Shaker Dining Table, Chocolate Cherry

Narrow Shaker Dining Table, Midnight Oak and Antique Cherry

Narrow Shaker Dining Table, Medium Oak

Narrow Pennsylvania Kitchen Table, Autumn Oak

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