About Table Thickness

Our tabletops are created from 1.5" thick solid hardwood as our standard, but we can also create thicker tabletops at an additional cost.

1.25" thick tabletop: A tabletop created from 1.25" hardwood is quite a solid piece of furniture, especially when compared to the 0.75" or 1" used on many other tables.

1.5" thick tabletop: 1.5" hardwood is thicker than most other tables you'll see, and it is quite solid. This is the standard for our lancaster dining room tables.

1.75" thick and 2" thick tabletop: A lancaster dining room table created from 1.75" or 2" thick hardwood is very solid, very substantial and very heavy.

Measured Thickness of a Completed Tabletop: Please note that in the woodworking process, some of this thickness is sanded and planed away in order to create a flat tabletop surface. This varies depending on the individual piece of wood, but is generally around .125" to .25". This difference between the starting material and the finished product is a consequence of working with natural products, as each piece of wood is unique. This variation in planing and sanding depth will be present on any handmade table.

If you have any questions, just give us a call. We're here to help.